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( Tri Band VHF/UHF Mobile Amateur Radio )

Brand: ICOM
Model: IC-910H

Frequency (MHz): 144 / 430 / 1200
O/P Power (Watt): 100/75/10
Type: VHF/UHF All Mode


The New Dimension in the VHF/UHF World!

100W of stable output power
A powerful 100W
* of output power is provided by the newly designed power amplifier circuit, which employs bipolar transistors in parallel. The combination of the aluminum die-cast chassis and effective cooling fan ensures stable output for continuous operation.
* 75W on 430MHz band and 10W on 1200MHz band

High performance receiver
The IC-910H offers 0.11µV of high sensitivity (at 10db S/N on SSB, CW mode), while the image and spurious responses are minimized for good signal fidelity. Used with the optional preamplifiers for each band, indispensable for obtaining weak signals in DX or satellite communication, you will experience top class receiving characteristics in the VHF/UHF bands.

Ready-to-install 1200MHz BAND UNIT
By installing the optional UX-910 1200MHZ BAND UNIT, the IC-910H becomes an all mode tri-band transceiver. You can also enjoy cross band and full duplex operation. Measuring only 241(W)×94(H)× 239(D) mm, and weighting 4.5kg (without UX-910)
*, its compactness and light weight is convenient for field operation.
* approx; 91.2(W)×311.16(H)×913.32(D) in.; 929.32lb

9600bps packet operation
The IC-910H has two data sockets for simultaneous two band packet communications. Setting of the packet communication can be made easily in the set mode.

Satellite communication
In the satellite mode, the down/up link frequencies are displayed on the
and SUB band respectively. Reverse/normal tracking and doppler shift compensation are standard, and 10 satellite memory channels store down/up link frequencies and operating mode.

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