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( Marine VHF Mobile Radio )

Brand: ICOM
Model: IC-M402

Frequency (MHz): 156.025 - 163.275
O/P Power (Watt): 25
Type: VHF Marine

IC-M402 COMMANDMIC® acceptance

Easy to see! Easy to hear!

Differences between IC-402 and IC-402S?
The IC-402S is identical to ICOM'S award-winning IC-M402, but the IC-M402S does not accept an optional remote control mic __ the "S" version is ideal for boaters who don't need a second helm radio station or the expense of the optional mic connection port.

Large 2-digit Ch with scrolling channel names
Look at the size of the LCD with large letters and numbers! The large, easy to see display has 27×43mm (1116×158 in.) dimensions, so channel indications are maximized. 10-character channel names and all settings are displayed at the same time.

Built-in DSC capability that meets RTCM SC101
The DSC watch function monitors Ch 70, while receiving another channel. It allows you to send a formatted distress message in an emergency. The position request function indicates a caller's position. Up to 30 DSC IDs are memorized.

Submersible (1m depth for 30 minutes)
After each outing, spray the IC-M402/S with fresh water to remove any salt. By doing so, you will remove any mineral build-up, and extend the life of the raio. (Equivalent to JIS Grade 7; except cables)

Optional COMMANDMIC® (IC-M402 only)
Our COMMANDMIC® makes it convenient for using the IC-M402 from a separate cabin or tower. It allows you to remotely control all functions of the IC-M402 (except DSC operation). It offers its own large, easy to read LCD, is easy to hear and is also waterproof!
Upgraded features
  • One touch access to Scan button on the front panel
  • Impressive speaker audio
  • Position indication in seconds accuracy
  • NMEA input ERMC, GGA, GNS and GLL sentences
  • Position report and position request functions

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