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( Commercial HT 2-Way Radio Walkie Talkie )

Brand: ICOM
Model: IC-F11

Frequency (MHz): 146 - 174
O/P Power (Watt): 4
Type: VHF Commercial
IC-F11 VHF transceiver (rotary type)

Simple and Quick contact at any time

For small or big businesses who need economical and instant two-way communications, these handhelds provide simple and quick contact at any time. Performance is never in question. Built-in multiple tone signalings, both wide and narrow channel spacing, 3 steps of output power and other superior features set a new benchmark.

Simple controls, easy to use
Only the transmit button, volume control and channel selector are on the panel for simple operation. All three controls may be operated without removing the radio from your belt. The perfect business tool that doesn require training to use.

Multiple selective calling functions
Use the built-in signaling capability (2-tone, 5-tone, CTCSS and DTCS both encode/decode) to set up your own talk groups and to keep the radio quiet when others are talking. Also, a DTMF encoder is built-in.

Other features
  • Compact and light weight to carry all day
  • Rotary 16 ch. type and simple toggle 4 ch. type
  • Optional alkaline, Ni-MH or Li-Ion battery pack
  • Wide/narrow capability, and more...

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