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Shakespeare SeaWatch 3020

(Marine TV Antenna)

Brand: Shakespeare
Model: SeaWatch 3020

Frequency: VHF UHF TV Channels
Gain: Omni
Type: Off Air TV


Introducing the friendly, durable Marine TV antenna that makes it easy to bring broadcast television channels to your boat, whether you are at the dock or out on the water.  This HD-ready, internally amplified antenna is omnidirectional - 360º signal reception, so no aiming needed.  

The SeaWatch® 3020 Marine TZ Antenna's sleek new design features a UV stabel, plastic housing.  Its innovative new swivel mount accommodates mounting surfaces that slope up to 30 degrees.  It also mounts easily on any standard 1"-14 thread antenna mount.  

The antenna's digital preamplifier, located in the antenna head, has a great new design for high gain and low noise figures.  It's HD Ready ... of course.  Simply connect the antenna to any TV that has a digital receiver.  With older analog TVs, use a digital converter box (not supplied).  

The Style 3020's wall-mounted 12-volt DC power supply has both front and rear outputs.  For cable, satellite and playback devices, its Auxiliary Input automatically switches from Antenna input to Auxiliary Input when powered off. For a streamlined appearance, the coax running to the antenna head can be concealed by running it through the mounting base.

  • 360º signal reception - no aiming
  • Compact, attractive aerodynamics design
  • Mounting bracket adapts to 0-30º sloped surfaces
  • Also mounts to standard 1"-14 thread devices
  • Operates on 12 volts DC
  • Power supply can be wall or surface mounted
  • Durable UV-stable plastic housing
  • Automatically switches to Aux Input when powered off
Dimensions: 14.88" Diameter x 7.25" Height
Unit Weight:  2.7 lbs

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