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Em-Trak R100

(AIS Receiver)

Brand: Em-Trak
Model: R100

Type: AIS Receiver
Features: Dual Channel Receiver



The em-trak AIS R100 is a high performance dual channel AIS Receiver which offers superior operational performance.

The em-trak AIS R100 an Integrating simple plug and play compatibility with most chart plotters and PCs, the AIS R100 receives and decodes all AIS messages in real time.

Advanced Rmax technology ensures AIS R100 can see more vessels in a larger area whilst saving vital on board power.



R100 Features

Key Features

The em-trak R100 provides you with reliable, high performance aIS message
receiving capability within a small, robust and power efficient package. It will
reliably receive and process, in real time, all aIS messages within range and
output the data to your chart plotter or Pc.

After fifteen years of creating marine electronics products we understand
the environment within which our products must operate. The R100 is a
single small unit which is simple to install and use and has been specifically
designed, engineered and manufactured for long term continuous use in even
the most extreme marine environments.

The R100’s core technology enables it with superior radio performance which
translates into maximum target detection range and real time message
processing. The R100 is the perfect choice.

  • Small and robust
  • Plug & play connectivity with chart plotters and PCs
  • Low power consumption
  • Ruggedised, vibration resistant
  • MOB & SART detection
  • Multi-lingual manuals
  • Enhanced operating performance
  • Receives and processes all AIS message types 


Package Include


R100 In The Box

EM-TRAK . R100 . Advanced Collision Avoidance . Marine . Receiver . AIS . Transponder

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