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Samyung SDF310

( Fish Finder)

Brand: Samyung
Model: SDF310

Display Screen Size: 10.4" 600 x 800 pixels
Max Depth: 3000 m
Screen Color: color LED



Easy and quick gain setting control

- When gain changes are applied, the previous echoes are applied at the same as the new echoes
- Allows to display weakly recorded fish group


Allows to dispaly weakly recorded fish group

- 30% increase of transmitting speed allows more detailed
fish school to be displayed


Fine tuning of transmitting frequency

- Fine tuning over all frequencies including low and high
transmitting frequencies


Progressed image processing technology

- Express image with various filtering process : Interference removal, noise removal, clutter, color removal and digital filter area setting


Selectable display color

- Use may select preferable color display


Display area detected on A-SCOPE

- Display area of seabed transmitted by the beam angle from transducer on A-scope to increase ease of work

- Beam angle may vary depending on the frequency of the transducer and
the installation method. The data displayed on the euipment should be used for reference only


Multi-frequency and the output

- The selection of transducers with various frequencies and output is available
- 28/38/50/68/82/88/107/150/200 kHz
- Dual frequencies
- Transmission output can be selected from 1/1.2/1.5/2.5/3KW
- Connectable with past transducers


Display white line

- White line applied to easily discern seabed from
the fish school or reef

* Display the strong signal from seabed in the white line in order to easily distinguish between
fish group and seabed


Digital filter technology

- Digital filter technology applied to display the weakest
echoes from small fish and reduce noise at the same time






- Operating Frequencies : Dual Frequencies(50/200 kHz)
- Output Power : 1/1.2/1.5/2/2.5 /3 kW
- Power Reduction : 10 ~ 100 % (in 10 % step)
- User Frequency : 28/38/50/55/68/75/82/88/95/
100/107/150/200 kHz(2 Frequencies selection)



- Display : 10.4" color LED (SVGA: 800 x 600)
- Color : 8/16/32/64 color
- Brightness : 500 cd/m2
- Tx Rate : 20 ~ 3000/min
- Pulselength : Standard/Short/Middle/Long
- Rx Band : Narrow/Standard/Wide
- Amplifier : High dynamic range
- Ranges : 3 ~ 3000 m
- Shift : 0 ~ 2000 m


Package Include
- Standard : Display Unit, Transducer(1/1.2/1.5/2/2.5/3KW),
Installation Materials and Standard Spare Parts

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