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Marbella Geomate 400

(Automobile GPS Navigation)

Brand: Marbella
Model: Geomate 400

Display: 400x272 TFT Color
Screen: 4.3 "
Power: Bluetooth & AV
Map: SE Asia

Marbella Geomate 400

Geomate 400

Re-defining navigation in global navigation industry.

Marbella M660+ - the GPS everyone is waiting for. Substituting one of top performance model - M550+, the Marbella M660+ PLUS will be another public attention here.   
Featuring with a sleek & slim 4.3" Wide TFT LCD touch screen is no longer a hassle for drivers to navigate under all weather conditions. Just like other Marbella GPS Family, it has equipped with the LATEST Mapking 3D Landmark map, Marbella M660+ has a re-defined the navigation in Singapore and Malaysia.
Thanks to our local R&D team, we have made it Slimmer but yet with a LONGER BATTERY LIFE. Marbella M660+ PLUS has almost double of battery life as compare with its younger brother - Marbella M550+ PLUS. Providing an approximately 3.5Hrs of accurate and updated navigation 


Presenting the Marbella Geomate 400, proudly coined as the Most Powerful Compact Navigator yet launched in August 2012.

Distinctively powered with the SiRF Atlas V 666MHz processor and equipped with the most technologically advanced navigational features, Geomate 400 professes to wield the most powerful processor (666MHz with 128 Dual Core Ram) in its class. 

Displayed on a sleek and slim 4.3'' Wide TFT Touch Screen, Geomate 400 also provides Bluetooth connectivity which facilitates communication with your beloved family members or friends while driving. Additionally, Geomate 400 also has on board AV(Audio Video) functions which allows direct input of Reverse and Car Forward Camera (DVR).



Multimedia Player
Headphone Jack / Audio Line Out
Ebook (Reading *.txt file from GPS)
FM Transmitter
Calendar, Unit converter, Calculator, Games
Picture Viewer
Embedded 4GB NAND Flash
Smart Auto On/Off
Bluetooth Connectivity  Yes
Powerful Star Atlas V 666MHz Processor  Yes
AV (Audio Video) input Yes



Package Include


  • Marbella Geomate 400
  • Preloaded with SE Asia Maps
  • Lifetime maps¹ 
  • USB cable & car charger
  • AV-in cable
  • Window Suction Mount


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