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TomTom Go 2050 World

(Automobile GPS Navigator)

Brand: TomTom
Model: Go 2050 World

Display: 480x272 TFT Color
Screen: 5.0 "
Power: rech. Li-Ion
Map: World

GO 2050 World features

  • World maps

    Go global with TomTom's most popular travel maps. The maps of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America are pre-installed, so you can go where you want immediately.

  • Residential & Commercial Building Search

    Navigate directly to residential and commercial buildings.

  • 13 cm (5") multi-touch screen

    An intuitive interface gives you the sharpest navigation experience in rich, deep colour. Pinch to zoom in and out of maps, or scroll through menus with the tip of your finger - the screen responds intelligently and sensitively to your touch.

  • Hands-Free Calling

    Use your device as a car kit for your mobile phone. Now you can make and answer phone calls safely while driving, making you in control and in touch.

  • Easy Click Magnetic mount

    A unique magnetic dock makes docking and undocking your device easy.

  • Spoken street names

    Helping you to keep your eyes on the road, spoken instructions now include street names, to make turnings even clearer.

  • Plug & go

    Your device couldn't be simpler to use - just plug in and tap the touch screen. You will be on your way very quickly with our intuitive user interface.

  • Postcode Search

    Navigate directly to postcodes across Singapore.

  • Travel Maps

    There’s bound to be a TomTom map for your destination. Our map shop has maps covering more than 90 countries and over 30 million kilometres of roads worldwide!

  • MyTomTom

    Your TomTom device is never alone: it's part of a global community—from which it can receive extra information, updates and services.



World map detail coverages of :

  • South East Asia
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Western Europe
  • USA & Canada
  • South Africa

Package Include


  • GO 2050 World
  • Preloaded with World Maps
  • Lifetime maps¹ 
  • USB cable & car charger
  • Easy Click Mount
  • Quick start manual


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