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Samyung STV-160

(VHF Marine Walkie Talkie HT Radio )

Brand: Samyung
Model: STV-160

Frequency (MHz): 156.025 - 163.275
O/P Power (Watt): 2
Type: VHF Marine

Compliant with ITU-R, IMO Regulation
ITU. USA, CANADA Channel Available
Weather Channel Available
Memory Scanning Function
Dual Scanning Function
Waterproof at 1m Depth for 5 Minutes
Long Life Lithium & NiMH Battery
Power Saving Functions
Easy Operation with a Hand in Glove

Package Include


Two-way VHF : STV-160
Flexible Antenna : ANT-200
Lithium Battery (For Emergency Use) : SPL-80
Nickel Metal Hydride Battery(Rechargeable) : SPN-72
Standard Charger Kit with AC Adapter : SC-62/63
Belt Clip : SA-64
Installation Manual

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