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Furuno FCV627

( Fish Finder )

Brand: Furuno
Model: FCV627

Display Screen Size: 5.7" 480 x 640 pixels
Max Depth: 4000 ft
Screen Color: color LCD
Equipped with Furuno's latest technology, the Bottom Discrimination Function - Analyze bottom structure
* Thru-hull or transom transducer mount required.
ACCU-FISH™ - A unique fish size analyzer based on the latest digital technology
White Line feature - Discriminate fish lying near the bottom
Configurable Alarm function (depth, fish echoes, etc.)
Post-processing Gain Control applied to all echoes displayed on the screen
Share and display information on a chartplotter
*Required connection to chart plotter.
Fast transmission rate of 3,000 PRR (Pulse Repetition Rate) per minute (at 5 m depth range)
Clear visibility even when wearing polarized sunglasses.


Recognizes individual or multiple fish instantaneously"

ACCU-FISH™ is a revolutionary fish size assessment function of the FCV-627. In order to assess individual fish size, the echo strength from the fish needs to be computed and turned into fish size display on the screen. It can detect the fish size of 10 to 199 cm, in the depth of 2 to 100 m.

Displaying fish marks

The fish mark can be utilized to display on individual fish echoes when detected. It helps beginners to identify the fish targets on the display for a more fun fishing experience. Fish mark is selectable from two types of fish symbol, circle and square. The fish symbol, displayed in two different sizes (Large: over 50 cm, Small: 10 to 49 cm), is a great help for anglers to identify fish targets. Circle and square indentify targets without hiding fish echo.

Displaying fish size or fish depth"

Activating the ACCU-FISH™ from the menu, FCV-627 displays fish size on the individual fish echo. When the ACCU-FISH™ is used concurrently with fish marks, it greatly helps anglers to identify fish targets on the display. You may also select and display the target depth instead of fish size, which helps to see how far the fish is from the boat.

In some instances, fish size indicated on the FCV-627 may differ from its actual size. Please carefully read the operation manual prior to utilizing this feature.

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