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(VHF Air Bandpass Filter)

Brand: AOR
Model: ABF128

Frequency: 108 - 136 MHz
Gain: 0 dBi
Type: Bandpass Filter
The AOR ABF128 is a receive bandpass filter especially designed
for serious VHF Airband listeners. This filter improves
the strong signal handling characteristics of scanners and wideband
receivers for VHF commercial Airband listening.
The ABF128 is suitable for connection to most scanners and
wideband receivers on the market, regardless of brand. The
addition of this filter to the antenna's signal path provides additional
selectivity which enables the receiver's circuitry to better
cope with strong interfering signals that can leak into the 108-
136 MHz VHF air band.
The ABF128 provides additional selectivity to any receiver's
front end by reducing a multitude of unwanted strong signals
from reaching and saturating the receiver's first mixer stage.
This results is less interference and improved reception.
The ABF128 offers excellent out-of-band attenuation typically
of 40 dB below 87MHz and 40 dB above 170MHz. This makes
the ABF128 suitable for connection to both external antennas
and for connection directly under the whip antenna of a handheld
A BNC jack (female) is mounted to the top of the ABF128 and
a BNC plug (male) to the other making connection to an antenna
easy and straight forward.
The ABF128 is not an amplifier so will not boost signals, however
the additional selectivity offered can significantly improve
reception in many situations by removing unwanted strong signals
which may overload the receiver and reduce it's effectiveness.
When any connection is fitted to the antenna signal path
some reduction of signal is resulted (attenuation) however the
ABF128 in-band attenuation level is very small due to the excellent
in-band V.S.W.R. of 2:1 resulting in a loss of only about
4 dB.

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