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Tokyo High Power

Tokyo High Power HL-45B

( Solid State 45 Watts HF Amplifier )

Brand: Tokyo High Power
Model: HL-45B

Frequency: 6m to 160m
I/P Power: 5 Watt
O/P Power: 45 Watt
Frequency Band 1.8MHz ~ 30MHz (160m)
50MHz-54MHz (6m)
All Amateur HF Bands
Operating Modes SSB/CW
(RTTY-Reduced duty cycle – 5Min.)
Typical RF Drive
(full output)
Output Power 45W Max – all modes
Amplifier Class Class AB Push – Pull Circuit
RF Power Transistors RD30 HVF1 x 2
Band Switching Manual
Power Requirement 13.6Vdc – 8.5 Amps
Cooling Method Passive air cooling
T/R Switching Miniature High Speed Relays
(5-6 ms)
Size 5.9”W x 1.9”H x 8.3”D
Weight 3.4 lbs

  • Can be used both as a base and mobile unit

  • Extremely Small Compact and light weight package

  • Microprocessor controlled

  • Full integration with the FT-817 using the supplied interface cable

  • Automatic fault protection

  • 5 segment front mounted LED power meter

  • ALC protection circuit to insure long life of the finals

TOKYO HY-POWER . HL-45B . HL45 . HF . Amplifier . 45 Watts . Solid-state . Linear

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