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AOR SA7000

(Wide Band Base Receive Antenna)

Brand: AOR
Model: SA7000

Frequency: 30 kHz - 2000 MHz
Gain: 0 dBi
Type: Shortwave/VHF/UHF
The SA7000 is an ultra-wide range external
receiving aerial with a useable frequency coverage
of 30 kHz to 2 GHz - short wave / VHF / UHF.
The aerial is designed for areas where space is a
problem or when an "unobtrusive" installation is
essential. The SA7000 is a passive arrangement
providing two whip elements: a long element for
short wave up to 30 MHz and a second shorter
loaded whip aerial for frequencies up to 2 GHz,
the loading coils are tuned around 150 & 800 MHz
to enhance performance of the VHF & UHF
bands. The aerial is very compact being just
1.80m in total height. A single coaxial lead feeds
both whips in a weather proof enclosure which in
turn bolts to a suitable supporting mast (not
provided). Approximately 15m of terminated
coaxial cable is supplied ready to plug in and go!

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