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(Mobile Antenna)

Brand: AOR
Model: MA500

Frequency: 25 - 1300 MHz
Gain: 0 dBi
Type: Magnet Mount

The MA500 is a wide band VHF - UHF mobile whip antenna
mounted on a magnetic base.

Useable coverage is 25 MHz - 1300 MHz with the loaded
whip element being peaked around 150 & 800 MHz.

The magnetic base has a diameter of about 85mm and the
magnetic attraction is very strong. The aerial is mounted on
a PL259 type connector base ready to screw into the magnetic
base SO239 socket.

Approximately 4m of high quality RG58/U 50 OHM coaxial
cable is provided which is fixed into the magnetic base at
one end and terminates into a BNC connector at the other
ready to plug into most AOR receivers (and most other
brands too). The total height of the antenna is approximately

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