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Lowrance X-4 Portable

(Compact Portable Fish Finder )

Brand: Lowrance
Model: X-4 Portable

Display Screen Size: 4.0" 240 x 160 pixels
Max Depth: 600 ft
Screen Color: gray FSTN

Go-anywhere, high-detail, Lowrance fish-finding for 2011. Affordable performance is in the bag with this complete portable system. 

  • Easy-come, easy-go
    and easy to use
  • Waterproof soft-sided case has
    everything; just add batteries
  • X-4 Fishfinder with Pro-proven
    Lowrance features
  • Advanced receiver design delivers
    superior target detail & separation
  • High-visibility display and target
    detail even in direct sunlight
  • Auto and manual operation
  • Suction cup-mount Skimmer®
    transducer with water temp sensor
  • Up to 60° of wider, effective
    fish-finding coverage
  • X-4 fully waterproof for the
    harshest environments
  • One year limited warranty

Great for go-anywhere ease and excellent fishfinding performance for kayaks, row boats, rental boats or virtually any watercraft that floats.

The X-4 Portable features the X-4 Fishfinder packed inside a waterproof soft-sided zippered case that includes sturdy mounting base, Skimmer® 200 kHz transducer and battery power pack for eight D-cell batteries (batteries not included).



Get more for less:


  • Robust 4 in./10.2 cm Film SuperTwist LCD display
  • Can't-miss 240V x 160H pixel target detail with 4-level gray scale resolution
  • Super-crisp viewing in direct sunlight
  • Screen backlighting for low-light conditions Performance


  • Skimmer® 200 kHz transducer with suction-cup mounting* has built-in water temp sensor and up to 60° of wider fish detection coverage
  • Full 800W peak-to-peak/100W RMS power
  • Tested depths to 600 ft./183 m

Better Fishfinding

  • Lowrance automatic ASP™ (Advanced Signal Processing) tuning for the best sonar picture possible in virtually any water condition
  • Lowrance GRAYLINE® enhances viewing for target separation and defines bottom composition/hardness
  • Lowrance Advanced Fish I.D.™ fish symbols with FishTrack™ target depth readings display option aids in lure/bait placement
  • Automatic depth ranging tracking with instant screen updates
  • Auto and Zoom bottom track for marking bottom-holding targets
  • Selectable deep water, shallow water, and fish alarm alerts

X-4 Reliability

  • Built-in backup memory saves user settings at power-down
  • Fully sealed and waterproof for even the harshest marine environments

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